Facilities Management – Veolia

Veolia forms part of the global Veolia organisation which operates in 48 countries across the globe, divided into nine integrated geographically based entities, providing water, waste management and energy services, vital to human development, environmental protection and sustainable growth, to municipal, industrial and commercial sectors. Veolia works with many of Australia and New Zealand’s largest data centres to help maintain optimal operational efficiency, ensure occupational health and safety, as well as reduce their environmental footprint. Veolia’s team of specialists work with Polaris with a particular focus on water, waste and energy management, including providing reliable energy-efficient solutions, controls systems and power supply. For more information on Veolia



Polaris is widely regarded as Australia’s leading, most modern, highly secure, purpose built and designed to Tier 3+ standards data centre. The facility is unique in delivering an N+2, high availability solution that is reinforced with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) assuring a class leading 99.99% availability. The Tier 3+ rating demonstrates a concurrently maintainable, high security, high availability (N+2) facility that is successfully meeting the requirements of our tenants.





Polaris Data Centre